Welcome to my blog! I want to tell you what I want to do with this website. Maybe I won't do everything that I'm writing here, but we'll see. Currently, I try to write again. I want to publish my texts on this blog. This could be some short stories, a longer story with some … Continue reading Hii!


A great day of spring!

Today was the perfect end to a stressful week. I told you in my last entry that I had a lot of thoughts and tasks in my head. Also, I had some tests in school and school was extremely boring. But today everything changed. Firstly, my day didn't seem to be a good one. I had … Continue reading A great day of spring!

The End of the F***ing World – Season 1, Episode 1

I saw the trailer for this series on Twitter and I was interested. "The End of the F***ing World" is about a seventeen-year-old boy how thinks that he's a psychopath named James and Alyssa, the new girl in town, who thinks that she doesn't fit in anything like her family. James started killing animals as … Continue reading The End of the F***ing World – Season 1, Episode 1